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I've been watching the b&W gifts of the kiss scene on the beach that you shared and I can't help but wonder the level of trust they seem to have to one another. A lot of actors are very wary of the way they kiss on the screen but here Jennifer seems very into the kiss, more than Josh I would say. At least it looks like there is a high level of trust to make that kiss so passionate. Jen could have chosen to make the kiss less real and more movie like. A lot of actors wouldn't kiss like that.





Let’s start with the whole level of trust thing. I’m going to use a comparison here.



We have a basic movie kiss here. Some puckering and pressing, moving of heads to make it look like it’s more than it actually is. At this time Josh and Jen had been at the beginning stages of their friendship and though they did have a great relationship, we all know that time strengthens that sort of thing.

Now Let’s move onto the beach scene kiss.



Here we have a kiss between two people that have grown exceptionally comfortable with one another over the years and yes, there is an enormous amount of trust here because as we all know, this kiss had tongue and ya can’t do that with just any Joe Blow. You can fake it, but it never looks too real.

Now the circumstances between the cave scene and the beach scene are different, however there is an obvious change in dynamic not only with the characters but the actors that portray them.

Okay, let’s move onto the whole who was into it more aspect of the kiss.  Shall we go GIF by GIF? Yeah. I think so.

In my opinion they had equal levels of passion throughout the kiss though it varied between the two at any given time.

GIF #1 (and I used the ones I had saved on my computer because I felt like it)

Let’s remember I’m looking at this from a Josh/Jen perspective not a K/P one.


In this first GIF we see Jennifer moving in, which is what the storyline called for, and Josh reacting to the kiss (again required by storyline). It’s a sweet kiss, by no means passionate, but on a scale of WTF Gary Ross to I’d totally give you a blow job Francis Lawrence, I’d say this is somewhere around, I’m not a lesbian, but I’d make out with Jennifer Lawrence.

GIF #2


Here we see Josh aka Peeta, making his move. Let me point out the Joshiferness of this particular action. To take hold of a woman that way prior to a kiss sends a message to the chick, “Bitch, you’re about to get the fuck kissed out of you.”

On my GRoss - FLaw scale this ranks somewhere around, Josh Hutcherson can grab hold of anything on my body he wants.

GIF #3


Here we see equal levels of passion on both Josh and Jen’s parts. I do believe she was the one that stuck her tongue in Josh’s mouth (which I totally approve of, Jennifer. YAY YOU!) but I could be wrong and if I am, (I totally approve Josh. You rock!) oh fucking well. But at the start of this Jen is clearly going at it and then Josh is like, fuck yeah let’s do this shit and isn’t afraid to make that girl’s toes fist into little balls.

GRoss - FLaw scale we’re looking at, Jen and Josh gettin’ it. (Please say that like Donald from Pitch Perfect.)

GIF #4


These two have found an equal amount of passion and desire at this point and when Jen reaches up to touch Josh’s hand I truly felt like this was her move, not Katniss’. This action says to me, FUCK!!! Why do all these people have to be watching us?

GRoss - FLaw scale it would rate as, FLaw’s getting his dick sucked and somebody’s swallowing.

So there you have it anon. My take on the kiss that rocked Everlark and Joshifer shippers all around the world.

Oh you guys have to read all if this
I’m crying because of my joshifer feels right now
Those gifs
I can’t even
I ship these two so much I can’t even explain it to you

Here ya go anon ~J

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